Actors and Model portfolios

Skye DeerAt Jo Rutherford Photography we offer portfolios , updates and headshot sessions for actors , models , dancers both grown ups and children . Its important to document and update your headshots and portfolio regularly , and for children its even more vital – as little ones grow and change so quickly and you need their images to reflect what they look like at that time .

If you are looking to apply to a Model Agency then we can do a simple model portfolio session , with a clean backdrop , and a range of images for you , headshot , three quarter length and  full length images . These should always be simple clean images with minimal make up and hair styling so that Casting directors and the Agency can see you at your best , they want a ‘blank canvas’.

Actors headshots need to have a range of facial expressions to show your range , and do tend to be very emotive and have great eye contact – we can do colour and black and white images depending on your requirements.

Tips for a great session


  • Check with your Agency (if you have one) what updates are needed . Is it simple headshots , do you need colour or black and white?  Do you need prints or digital images?
  • Keep clothing simple , a plain t shirt , in black or white is always useful to bring along. Feel free to bring a couple of outfits and accessories such as a scarf or hat
  • If your child normally wears glasses then bring them along – we can photograph them with glasses and without if required
  • Bring a brush and any hair accessories for last minute adjustments – try not to get haircuts too close to the session