It’s time for more practice in the studio and this time its with the beautiful Brody! I’m attempting a toddler photoshoot for the first time and learning how it is different to light and style then it would be for an adult shoot.  For someone who it is normally hard to get to stop talking, whenever I pick up the camera I seem to lose the ability to use my words. This was not an option with a toddler to entertain and keep interested. Luckily I had Jo on hand to advise me and help.

I felt very privileged to try and capture Brody’s cheeky personality. His mum brought him in with a selection of his and her favourite outfits. These outfits were perfect for the session, there were no big logos or large patterns to distract you and most importantly they were comfy and cool! This allowed Brody’s personality to shine through without any distractions.

If you need help choosing what to wear for you photoshoot head over to this page to get some ideas;

What to wear for your photoshoot

This was my first toddler photoshoot, so for me it was really helpful that Brody’s mum had looked through Jo’s website and Facebook to see the props that were available. It meant she was able to request some images she wanted so I had some ideas to work with. This was really handy for me as whilst I had a couple of ideas of how i wanted to shoot the session, I still very much rely on Jo and her knowledge of portrait sessions to help me style and shoot them. I am spending a lot of time on Pinterest getting inspiration!

It was a really fun session to shoot and Brody is the coolest little dude, so a huge thank you to him and his mum for coming down and letting me practice.