Dog Portraits

From Pupster to Old Timers


Meet Ted – our lovely Cockapoo – well thats what we think he is! He came to us from Freshfield rescue centre about 3 years ago and he is quite adorable , and sometimes comes along to the studio to keep me company or helping test new lighting set ups! So as you can see , dogs are very welcome in the Studio , either as part of your Family portrait or a session just for them !

Dogs are special , they ARE Family arent they ? So they should have a special photoshoot and as a Dog Photographer in West Lancashire and Southport I believe that we can

The session can take place at the Studio in Banks , close to Southport . There is lots of space and we always start the session by giving the dog – or dogs – a chance to have a good sniff aound to feel comfortable in the space – theres always a bowl of water there for them and we can deal with the little accidents that sometimes happen! Sessions take about 45 minutes to an hour.


Tips for a great session

Think about getting your dog washed and groomed before the session so that they look their absolute best.

A good walk before the session gets rid of some of your dogs energy and means they can be a little calmer.

Bring along your dogs favourite treats and toys , a special blanket , anything to help your dog feel comfortable and settled