I’m a Family Photographer , and that means the WHOLE family and not just the children ….it means Mum and Dad , Grandmas , Uncles , cousins and even the dog.

I know that there are so many Mums in particular who hide behind the camera , who come to the Studio and say that they don’t want to be on photographs for so many reasons , their weight , their hair , they just don’t feel right , they hate having their picture taken

Where does this come from , are we all so harsh about ourselves that we miss out on opportunities to be photographed ? Will we ever be the ideal weight , will we ever feel completely good about ourselves ? Photographs are part of your Family history , they are what we use to completely embarrass our children when they are 18 and we share photos of them as little ones in the Nativity and dressing up …. they are what we look at to remember those in the Family who are not with us anymore . Looking at a photograph brings back every memory of it being taken , the sunshine , the howling gales , the laughs , the tantrums!

I want to gently challenge you all this year – exist in your photographs , be part of the Family History you are creating with a camera , print your pictures , stick them on the fridge to make you smile , hang them on the wall . Show your daughters and sons that its ok to be photographed , so that they have the confidence that maybe you don’t feel you have . Children love Mums and Dads to be on the photographs with them , they love the snuggles and the tickles, and yes they will even love to tease you a little and thats fine –  you are making memories for them …….. so be a little brave , and you never know , you may even enjoy the experience. Look at your own Family albums , do you have photographs with your Mum and Dad …… you could get all the Generations together for something really special.

And if you do come to me for a photoshoot , remember , I have all the same hangups , I worry about my weight , I’m getting older and have laughter lines (wrinkles!) but I also know how to make you comfortable , to enjoy the experience and to love the photographs . At the time these photographs were taken , I didn’t really think too much about their significance …. but now each one is so very special to me , the memories come flooding back and I can see past the questionable hairstyles , the new Mum tiredness and the pasty white legs and just remember amazing times with my Boy

Love Jo xxx