Hi, I’m Kerry!

After coming to Jo last year for a photoshoot with my family I contacted her to see if she wouldn’t mind imparting some of her wisdom and giving me some advice. I was convinced I wanted to do something but at that time I wasn’t sure what.

My background is in Media Arts and English from my degree, but i was yet to put my skills into practice because after graduating I spent a couple of years travelling Australia. I wanted to start working hard and using my brain again so over numerous cups of tea, Jo and I have been putting together plans and busy developing both my skills and more importantly the business. My aim is to eventually be a wedding photographer so we are working hard to train me up!

I was understandably nervous about picking up a camera again, as it has been over three years and I was starting again at the beginning. So, when it came to my first shoot, we figured there would be no better person to practice with than my little sister Emily who was a willing and beautiful model. Jo was teaching me all about lighting techniques for portraits. Emily had the patience of a saint letting me pose her in all sorts of positions to try and learn what works and what doesn’t. She probably didn’t expect to be covered in paint powder, but if you can’t throw it at your sister who can you throw it at?!

It was such a fun and informative day, I felt like my head was going to explode with all the new ideas and skills I had learnt. But the most important thing was I couldn’t wait to do it again!