What to wear for your photoshoot


Skye DeerWhat to wear ….. thats the question I get asked most of all when someone books me for a photoshoot and its often the hardest question to answer as the choice depends on so may things – your own style , Studio or location session , group photo or individual …. the clothes you have in your wardrobe!! But there are some great hints and tips to help you choose . The important thing to consider is that its your photograph , you will be looking at it for a long time and so you want to feel happy and comfortable in what you are wearing , and you need to be sure that your clothes represent who you are , as a person and as a family

Co -ordinate rather than match – if theres a group of you coming along , then look at using colours that work well together , think warm browns , neutrals and reds for the Autumn and lighter colours for the Spring . You don’t have to all wear the same colour – unless you want to ! Smart casual seems to be the term that most people think of when they come along for a session .

Try not to have large patterns or a particular bright colour that stands out from the rest , thats where your eye will be drawn too and avoid large logos too – this will distract from your faces

Its you , and your personalities that want to shine through on the photos , so wear clothes you love and feel comfortable in , don’t try and hide behind baggy cardigans and tops , or try and squeeze into jeans that wont allow you to sit down ! I often get family groups to sit together on the floor for some of the photographs and so being comfortable is important .

If you are bringing a couple of outfits , please make sure you bring them on a hanger , and that everything has been ironed , creases can be really obvious on the photos .

Shoes – not always the most important accessory , many of my images don’t feature feet and for little ones then barefoot always looks great . Other accessories work well , hats and scarves depending on the time of year can really add something to the image


Children – dress them in clothes that fit rather than ones that they will grow into. Bring a couple of different outfits along. Timeless, simple clothing , not too fussy works well . Again , try and avoid logos and large patterns that take the emphasis away from little one

Bring a brush , and any hair accessories that might be needed , and wet wipes for last minute clean ups for children are always useful


For some more ideas Рhead to my Pinterest Board https://uk.pinterest.com/jorutherford/what-to-wear/

So I hope that this helps a little with the question of what to wear for your photoshoot ? If you have any questions just drop me a line
Jo x

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